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[13-JUL-17]  [Guest Article] Jen Reviews: How to Choose a Bike, According to Science - 10 Factors to Consider
[02-MAY-17]  CTPC2017, What is Sustainable Transportation?
[18-APR-17]  OPINION: Why Amtrak’s Customer Service–Especially the San Joaquin’s–Needs to Change
[18-MAR-17]  TransportiCA to be Administered by the California Green Academy (01 July)
[01-MAR-17]  Statement Regarding TransportiCA's Celebration of Women's History Month
[28-FEB-17]  Last Day of Black History Month Celebrates Tom Bradley, L.A.'s First and Only African-American Mayor
[27-FEB-17]  Official News Release for the Transport and TBL Conference (28 APR 17)
[12-FEB-17]  African-Americans in U.S. Transportation History
[08-FEB-17]  Speaker's Biographies for the 2017 Transformative Climate Communities Summit (10 FEB, 09:30 PST)
[06-FEB-17]  Covering the 2017 Transformative Climate Communities Summit (10 FEB, 09:30 PST
[05-FEB-17]  New Series: "BICYCLISTS ARE HUMANS"
[05-FEB-17]  BICYCLIST ARE HUMANS: Cyclist Mike Meza, Sacramento, CA by Monica Monedero
[12-JAN-17]  TransportiCA's Statement on Website and Social Media Postings
[07-JAN-17]  Participants Needed for Sacramento's Connect Transit Card 'Soft Launch'
[02-JAN-17]  TransportiCA's Top-Five Viewed Postings for 2016
[01-JAN-17]  Start 2017 With A Donation to SJSU's Urban & Regional Planning Dept.!

News Releases

[12-JUL-17]  TransportiCA Welcomes Monica Monedero as "Managing Editor - Active Transportation" 

Book Club

[01-JUL-17]  Questions for July's Book Club Contest: "Transit Street Design Guide" by NACTO
[01-JUN-17]  Questions for June's Book Club Contest: "Urban Bikeway Design Guide" by NACTO
[31-MAY-17]  TransportiCA Book Club's "Summer of Transformative Design" Series
[01-MAY-17]  Questions for May's Book Club Contest: "Boots on the Ground, Flats in the Boardroom" by Grace Crunican and Liz Levin
[01-APR-17]  Questions for April's Book Club Contest: "The End of Automobile Dependence," by Drs. Peter Newman and Jeff Kenworthy
[02-MAR-17]  Extension of February's Book Club Contest for "Transformational Thought" to 31 March!
[01-MAR-17]  Questions for March's Book Club Contest: "A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership," Dr. Steve Schein
[13-FEB-17]  Questions for February's Book Club Contest: "Transformational Thought," Jason F. McLennan 
[13-FEB-17]  TransportiCA Book Club-February 2017: "Transformational Thought: Radical Ideas to Remake the Built Environment" by Jason F. McLennan
[05-FEB-17]  Congrats to Matt Henigan of Sacramento and Sharif Mahmud of Bangladesh - January Book Club Winners!
[05-FEB-17]  Congrats to Bruce Englehardt of Seattle, "New Year, New Reads" Winner!
[07-JAN-17]  Monthly TransportiCA Book Club Sponsorship Opportunities 
[07-JAN-17]  TransportiCA's Statement on Simon & Schuster's Decision to Reward Milo Yiannopoulos’ Hate
[01-JAN-17]  CONGRATS to Amanda Leahy - December's Book Club Contest Winner!
[01-JAN-17]  Annual "New Year, New Reads" Contest - Deadline 31 JAN 2017
[01-JAN-17]  Questions for January's Book Club Contest - "Door to Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation," by Edward Humes
[01-JAN-17]  TransportiCA Book Club-January 2017: "Door to Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation" by Edward Humes


[03-MAY-17]  Today's 2017 CTCP Sessions (12:00-17:30 PST)
[10-APR-17]  [TransportEvents] FRIDAY: Greenlining Economic Summit, “Racial Justice on the Frontlines,” in Oakland 4/14
[06-MAR-17]  Join TransportiCA tomorrow at SPUR Oakland's event, "Why Do Transportation Projects Cost So Much?"
[12-JAN-17]  Prof. Ethan Elkind Discusses "Railtown" at UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies (25 Jan)
[01-JAN-17]  [TransportAlert] Transit Information for the 128th Rose Parade / 103rd Rose Bowl Game
[01-JAN-17]  HAPPY NEW YEAR from TransportiCA!


[17-JUL-17]  MTI - How to design road diet evaluations
[16-JUL-17]  California Climate Equity Coalition Opposes Proposed Restriction on Cap-and-Trade Funds
[26-JUN-17]  MTI Survey: Americans continue to support higher gas taxes, especially for maintenance
[17-APR-17]  MTC: Plan Bay Area 2040 Draft Environmental Impact Report released for public review
[11-APR-17]  SGA: A Tennessee trio wins our first Complete Streets Consortium Award
[27-MAR-17]  UCLA Lewis Center: A Case of Arrested Development – UCLA Housing and Land Use experts on the Road to and From Los Angeles’ Measure S

[26-MAR-17]  SamTrans, Caltrain to Use 100 Percent Renewable Electricity from Community Choice Energy Programs
[26-MAR-17]  Metrolink Tier 4 Locomotives: The Cleanest Locomotive Around
[24-MAR-17]  Foothill Transit: We need to hear from you; Proposed Fare and Service Changes
[17-MAR-17]  A Letter from Dan Sperling, Director of ITS-Davis
[17-MAR-17]  CHSRA: New Appointments to California High-Speed Rail Authority Board of Directors
[17-MAR-17]  MTI receives Community Partnership Recognition award from VTA
[14-MAR-17]  MTI: Violent attacks on public surface transportation and commercial aviation
[14-MAR-17]  GreenBiz: Shipping's carbon bubble: Banks need to climate-proof $400 billion shipping debt
[14-MAR-17]  BART: Warm Springs Station to open March 25
[06-MAR-17]  CalSTA Blog: UC Berkeley studio course envisions additional Transbay crossing
[06-MAR-17]  PPIC Speaker's Series on California's Future: Building California's Future (10 FEB)
[04-MAR-17]  VTA / Alex Shoor: As One Project Finishes, Another Starts
[04-MAR-17]   VTA: Large Volume of Public Feedback Prompts a Later Release of VTA’s Final Transit Service Redesign Plan
[01-MAR-17]  MTI: Protecting Transit and Passenger Rail from Terrorism
[17-FEB-17]  LAO: 2017-18 California Budget - Transportation Funding Package 
[17-FEB-17]  CHSRA: Central Valley Manufacture Casting Largest Girders in California State History for High-Speed Rail Project 
[17-FEB-17]  Slate: America’s Unfair Rules of the Road 
[14-FEB-17]  LAO: 2017-18 California Budget: Cap-and-Trade 
[14-FEB-17]  LAO: CalFacts 2016 - California's Economy and Transportation System 
[14-FEB-17]  LAO: 2017-18 California Budget: California's Fiscal Outlook Infographic 
[14-FEB-17]  LAO: 2017-18 California Budget Proposal: Department of Transportation 
[09-FEB-17]  Andy Bosselman: Is the L.A. Times out to destroy California High-Speed Rail? 
[09-FEB-17]  MTI: Good station-area planning is critical for the successful operation of a high-speed rail station 
[09-FEB-17]  Draft California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Available for Public Review 
[09-FEB-17]  California issues proposed plan to achieve groundbreaking 2030 climate goals 
[09-FEB-17]  CARB Appoints First Environmental Justice Liaison 
[09-FEB-17]  Prof. Ethan Elkind's UCLA “Railtown” Talk—Video And Article Now Available 
[09-FEB-17]  Jarrett Walker & Associates Hiring Two Transit Analysts
[18-JAN-17]  Footage of Gov. Jerry Brown's "We Will Persevere" Speech before AGU, San Francisco, 14 DEC 16 
[18-JAN-17]  Prof. Ethan Elkind: Measure S: L.A.’s Horrible Ballot Measure To Worsen The Housing Crunch
[16-JAN-17]  Public Input Sought on VTA's Transit Service Redesign Draft  Plan
[04-JAN-17]  Prof. Ethan Elkind: BREAKING NEWS: Obama Administration Gives L.A. $1.6 Billion To Bring Wilshire Subway To Century City
[04-JAN-17]  APA: Changes to Student Membership, Starting July 2017

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