Past Events TransportiCA Covered

25 JAN 2017, Wednesday (17:00-18:30 PST)
UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies: Railtown talk with Prof. Ethan Elkind.

15 FEB 2017, Wednesday (12:30 PST)
SPUR Oakland: Make Me Feel Safe: Achieving Safe Modes of Transportation / Condensed presentations by Mohan, Ferrara and Chan.

04 MAR 2017, Saturday (09:00-13:00 PST)
San Jose Urban Villages: Past, Present, and Future

24-25 APR 2017, Monday+Tuesday
TransForm/CalBike: 2017 Transportation Equity Summit

28 APR 2017, Friday (09:30-17:00 PST)
Transportation and the Triple-Bottom Line Conference - San Jose   *A TransportiCA event.*

03-05 MAY 2014, Wednesday-Friday
2017 California Transportation Planning Conference - Walnut Creek, CA
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08-10 MAY 2014, Monday-Wednesday
Smart Cities Week: Silicon Valley, Santa Clara

10 SEP 2016, Saturday
Transportation Camp West / CalACT - Manhattan Beach, CA
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11-14 SEP 2016, Sunday to Wednesday
APTA's 2016 Annual Meeting - Los Angeles, CA
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16-18 SEP 2016, Friday to Sunday
6th Annual Los Angeles Green Festival
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19-22 SEP 2016, Monday to Thursday
VERGE16 Conference, Santa Clara, CA
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22 SEP 2016, Thursday
"The Center of NorCal's Rail Network" - SPUR Oakland, CA
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09-12 OCT 2016, Sunday to Wednesday
Rail-Volution - San Francisco, CA
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20 OCT 2016, Thursday
SPUR Oakland: Learning from Megaprojects
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22-25 OCT 2016, Saturday to Tuesday
APA California Conference - Pasadena, CA
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25 OCT 2016, Tuesday
SPUR-SF: Plug It In: California's Growing EV Infrastructure
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25 OCT 2016, Tuesday
SPUR-SJ: High-Speed Rail on the Horizon
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25-27 OCT 2016, Tuesday to Thursday
Meeting of the Minds 2016 - Richmond, CA
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28 OCT 2016, Friday
U.C. Davis ITS Seminar with Dr. Brian Taylor: "Congested Development? Rethinking the Causes and Consequences of Metropolitan Traffic Delays."
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11-13 NOV 2016, Friday to Sunday
15th Annual San Francisco Green Festival
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14 NOV 2016, Monday
Los Angeles County #JustGrowth Forum - Los Angeles
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16 NOV 2016, Wednesday
POSTPONED: Lessons from Great Urban Train Stations - SPUR San Jose

16-18 NOV 2016, Wednesday to Friday
51st Annual California Transportation Association Fall Conference & Expo - Oakland
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30 NOV 2016, Wednesday
The Future of Transportation in the Caltrain Corridor - SPUR Urban Center, S.F.
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30 NOV 2016, Wednesday
Drinks and Discourse: Tomiquia Moss - SPUR Oakland
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05 DEC 2016, Monday
The Future of Clean Energy in Cities - SPUR Urban Center, S.F.
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13-14 DEC 2016, Tuesday and Wednesday
2016 California Economic Summit - Sacramento
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