Friday, October 11, 2019

Questions for the October Book Club Contest: "Global Mobility Report 2017" and the “Global Roadmap of Action toward Sustainable Mobility”

For the October 2019 Book Club selection, TransportiCA has elected the reports, "Global Mobility Report 2017" and the Global Roadmap of Action toward Sustainable Mobility,” by the "Sustainable Mobility for All" Consortium - originally a partnership by the United Nations and the World Bank.

These two reports have been elected this month, as Thursday, 24 October is the 74th annual "United Nations Day," and sustainability mobility plays a huge part in addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

For this month's Book Club contest, if you send us all three correct responses by the end of the month, and your name is drawn, you will win a copy of any previously featured publication.

Contest questions for the reports are:
1) The Global Mobility Report 2017 is the first-ever study to assess the global performance of the transport sector, and the progress made toward which four main objectives?
2) The Global Roadmap of Action ("GRA") will explore more than how many policy measures, already tested around the world?
3) The GRA report will be launched on 23 October, at what location?

Thank you for your interest in the Book Club, and best of luck with the contest!

No purchase is necessary, as questions are not taken directly from the publication, but from respective technical information, publicity, and/or the author's professional lives.  To send in your response, submit via TransportiCA's "Contact Form" on the front-page (bottom left), sending your name, email address and answers.  The deadline for submission is 23:59, Thursday, 31 October 2019.

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