Friday, August 16, 2019

Questions for the August Book Club Contest: "Smart Power," by Dr. Peter Fox-Penner

This contest has since closed.

For the August 2019 Book Club selection, TransportiCA has chosen Smart Power: Climate Change, the Smart Grid, and the Future of Electric Utilities, by Dr. Peter Fox-Penner, Director of Boston University's Institute of Sustainable Energy.

With every month's selection, TransportiCA provides three questions, and if you send us all three correct responses, by the end of the month, and your name is drawn, you will win a signed copy of the book, donated by Island Press.

Contest questions for "Smart Power" are:
1) Dr. Fox-Penner's work was featured in which Supreme Court case, dealing with Enron and the California electricity crisis?  New York Et Al., v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (535 U.S. 568 (2002)), and Enron Power Marketing, Inc., v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (535 U.S. 809 (2002)).
3) He is the founder of a series of sound recording studios, having become known as Pogo Records.
2) Dr. Fox-Penner served in what position, while with the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy?  Senior Advisor

Thank you for your interest in the Book Club, and best of luck with the contest!

No purchase is necessary, as questions are not taken directly from the publication, but from respective technical information, publicity, and/or the author's professional lives.  To send in your response, submit via TransportiCA's "Contact Form" on the front-page (bottom left), sending your name, email address and answers.  The deadline for submission is 23:59, Saturday, 31 August 2019.

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