Monday, August 27, 2018

TransportiCA's Reporting Schedule for the 3rd Biennial California Adaptation Forum (#CAadapts)

A PDF of these sessions, along with session descriptions, can be downloaded hereAs always, the schedule is tentative and can be modified at any time by TransportiCA, or the event organizers.

TransportiCA's coverage will be posted on Twitter @TransCAEvents, and any videos will be uploaded to the TransportiCA Events' Youtube channel.

Monday, 27 August (09:00-17:00)
09:00-12:00: Kickoff Workshop - Exploring Success Stories of Equitable Climate Adaptation Work
12:00-12:30: Tool Demo - Climate Ready Communities
13:00-17:00: California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment - Catalyzing Local and Regional Action

Tuesday, 28 August (07:30-17:40)
07:30-08:00: Tool Demo - Adaptation Clearinghouse
08:00-08:30: Forum Welcome
08:30-10:00: (Plenary) Social Justice and Equitable Adaptation - A Better Climate for Thriving Together
10:00-10:15: Networking Break
10:15-11:30: Context Setting & Emerging Trends - Applying Creative Practice in Resilience Planning
11:30-11:45: Networking Break
11:45-12:35: (Plenary) Building Blocks for an Uncertain Tomorrow - Policymaking in an Age of Climate Risk
12:35-13:05: Tool Demo - Urban Footprint
13:25-14:40: Model Projects & Approaches - Adaptive Regional Transportation Solutions from the Coast to the Valley
14:40-14:55: Networking Break
14:55-16:10: Model Projects & Approaches - Heat Resilient Transit and Cool Streets
16:10-16:25: Networking Break
16:25-17:40: Financing, Funding, and Tools - Financing Climate-Safe, Resilient Infrastructure for All

Wednesday, 29 August (07:30-16:30)
07:30-08:00: Tool Demo - Cal-Adapt
08:00-09:15: Equity in Resilience: Convening Environmental Justice Advocates and Allies
09:15-09:30: Networking Break
09:30-10:45: Towards Implementation - From Idea to Action: Mobilizing Climate Adaptation Implementation through Partnerships
10:45-11:00: Networking Break
11:00-11:15: 2018 California Regional Adaptation Leadership Award
11:15-12:30: (Plenary) Investing in Resilience - Who Should Pay, and How?
12:40-13:00: Tool Demo - B-READY Building Resilience Assessment Tool
13:00-13:20: Tool Demo - Adaptation Clearinghouse
13:30-16:30: Adaptation Accelerator Workshop - American Society of Adaptation Professionals Members Lead the Transfer of Adaptation Takeaways to the Global Climate Action Summit

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