Monday, August 7, 2017

2017's Silcon Valley Bike Summit (08 Aug)

We are absolutely excited to be covering tomorrow's 2017 Silicon Valley Bike Summit in Mountain View, this being our second year of coverage.  Join TransportiCA from 09:30-17:00 PST, as well report live via our Twitter feed - @transportica.  Official agenda information can be found here, and, as always, our greatest appreciation to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition for convening such a profound gathering, and Microsoft Silicon Valley for hosting this event.  (Even if you do not live in the Silicon Valley, the Coalition's state advocacy efforts should be enough to support membership from anyone.)

Keynote Speaker - Tamika Butler, J.D.

The Coalition has never experienced a shortage of policy giants and change makers as keynote speakers, and this year is no exception.  Formerly Executive Director of the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition (yes, there is such a thing...), Tamika Butler brings her passion and insight into LACBC's work with LA's Vision Zero plan.  Working on its development with the City of Los Angeles, Butler's leadership has been paramount in making sure low-income and minority bicyclists are not disproportionately targeted around enforcement, especially given the paltry bicycling infrastructure available in may low-income communities, as well as, historic and institutionalized racial profiling.

“I would say, for all folks who want to ride bikes or take public transportation, that no matter whether or not they are doing it by choice, as a privilege, or because they have to for whatever economic reason, that there is infrastructure that is connected and makes sense.”

Given Butler will be in Silicon Valley, we would also hope to hear her take on the City of San Jose not having a timeline for accomplishing its Vision Zero objectives, which TransportiCA has long argued as disingenuous and antithetical to accountability.  Lastly, her expertise will be especially appreciated if she can explain to attendees, as she is a trained lawyer, why law enforcement routinely blames the victims (bicyclists), instead of motorists; last time we checked, a car is literally driven to fatalities.

TransportiCA looks forward to tomorrow's event, and during the multi-session breakout period, we will be covering the event, "Discussing Main Street: Should El Camino Real be the Peninsula’s Main Bike Route?," from 13:45-15:15.

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