Thursday, June 1, 2017

Questions for June's Book Club Contest: "Urban Bikeway Design Guide" by NACTO

This contest has since closed.

For the June 2017 Book Club selection, TransportiCA has chosen the Urban Bikeway Design Guide, by the National Association of City Transportation Officials ("NACTO").

With every month's selection, TransportiCA provides three questions, and if you send us all three correct responses by the end of the month with your name being drawn, you will win a copy of the book, signed by the author(s).

The contest questions for the Urban Bikeway Design Guide:

1. In August 2013, what federal agency issued a memorandum officially supporting use of the design guide?

2. The design guide is a part of what initiative, "to provide cities with state-of-the-practice solutions that can help create complete streets that are safe and enjoyable for bicyclists?"

3. Shared lane markings, or “sharrows,” were developed by which American city?

No purchase is necessary, as questions are not taken directly from the publication, but from respective technical information and publicity.  To send-in your responses, submit via TransportiCA's "Contact Form" on the front-page (bottom left), sending your name, email address and answers.  The deadline for submission is 23:59, Friday, 30 June 2017.

Thank you for your interest in the Book Club, and best of luck with the contest!

The Urban Bikeway Design Guide is a part of the TransportiCA Book Club's "Summer of Transformative Design" Series.

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