Thursday, May 11, 2017

TransportiCA's Statement on the Departure of Jeff Morales, CA-HSRA CEO

The following statement has been issued by TransportiCA, regarding the departure of Jeff Morales as CEO of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, effective 02 June:

"While we are hoping this news is actually for a revamp of 'Punked,' we have to thank Mr. Morales for his five years with the Authority, and the incredible leadership and dedication in some of the Authority's most trying times.

Whether it has been the L.A. Times' dereliction of editorial standards, feeding unfounded fear to unstable and anti-infrastructure politicians; Central Valley residents doggedly opposing the project, yet wanting to obtain these very constructions jobs and contracts; or the desire of the Trump administration to take our transportation and energy systems back-in-time, Mr. Morales has served the Authority well, making sure California's future mobility choices include the cleanest form of mass transportation - high-speed rail.

Very few people will be able to fill the shoes of Mr. Morales, but we hope Governor Brown appoints a fierce leader; one who, not only will stand-up to Washington's antiquated ambitions, but will also not fear calling-out the California Legislature for cheering-on high-speed rail, yet systematically working to inhibit the Authority's minuscule budgetary and staffing needs.

Again, we thank Mr. Morales for his commitment and leadership - not just during his time at the Authority, but in his extensive public service capacities, and wish him and his family all the best."

Greg Justice is Founder and Editor of TransportiCA.

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