Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Statement Regarding TransportiCA's celebration of Women's History Month

TransportiCA has issued the following statement regarding Women's History Month and their level of participation this year.

"Upon intense scrutiny and personal reflection, TransportiCA will not be as engaged in Women's History Month, as we were recently for Black History Month; while we will write an article about Women's contributions to the transportation field, we will not be as vigorous as we were in last month's celebrations.

The reason, to us, is simple: Until recently, Women numbered the majority of the world, and as of this writing, are still the majority in the United States.  Although dignity and respect for Women, sadly, varies across regions and religions, the female sex is universal across the globe, and literally the key to humanity's survival.

With everyone's future resting on Women, 31 days to celebrate female contributions and humanity's source of life is disingenuous, disrespectful, and antiquated.  Women's History should not just be celebrated for a month, but should be an ongoing and continuous educational endeavor, with all sexes behind this celebration.

We are quite aware many will be turned-off by our reasoning, but in the nation's deliberate path to equality, this should include all sexes equally revered in our educational undertakings.  Until Men give birth, the celebration of Women and their entire being should not be limited to 9% of the year."

Greg Justice is Founder and Editor of TransportiCA.

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