Monday, March 6, 2017

Join TransportiCA tomorrow at SPUR Oakland's event, "Why Do Transportation Projects Cost So Much?"

Why Do Transportation Projects Cost So Much?

12:30 p.m. | Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Admission: Free to the public. Our [SPUR's] first event of the month in each city is free for everyone. Pre-registration is not required for this event.

+ Shannon Peloquin / McKinsey & Company

+ Adam Finkin / Arup

​+ Karen Trapenberg Frick / University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design

Photo by Sergio Ruiz for SPUR

If you think our transportation projects keep getting more and more expensive, you are not alone. Cost overruns seem to be a chronic and growing problem for big transportation projects. How can these costs be reined in? Our experts have looked at best practices from around the world and will share their thoughts about how we can make cost estimates for transportation projects more realistic and more reliable. Co-presented by Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT).


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