Sunday, February 12, 2017

African-Americans in U.S. Transportation History

With February being Black History Month, we celebrate the contributions African-Americans have made to the country's transportation systems, and continue to contribute today.  Oddly, we could not find any significant pages from the U.S. Department of Transportation about African-American contributions; prior, there were timelines and visuals, but we assume these pages were voided 20 January.

Regardless, the Minnesota History Center has great stories, videos and photos about African-American contributions to transportation.

We also would like to bring attention to the movie "Hidden Figures": the true stories of NASA 'Computers' Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan.  We do not seek to advance commercial interests, but we are amazed, yet saddened these women's stories have gone untold for 50+ years, and we hope schools will soon be teaching about Mary, Kathryn and Dorothy in the same lesson as John Glenn and the Moon landings.  Biography also has a great piece about more NASA computers who contributed to the nation's space exploration.

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