Sunday, January 1, 2017

[TransportAlert] Transit Information for the 128th Rose Parade / 103rd Rose Bowl Game

If you are attending the annual Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game tomorrow, here are several transit options, as well as, detours and shuttles taking place.  With our Editor from Pasadena, he advises you to take transit, and DO NOT even think of driving to the parade and game.

Getting to Downtown LA / Pasadena area:
-Metrolink (commuter train) Rose Parade information.

-Foothill Transit line 187 to Pasadena, OR Silver Streak from Montclair to Downtown LA, transferring to the Metro Gold Line to Pasadena.
-LA Metro's Rose Parade information.

-Pacific Surfliner (intercity rail, San Diego / San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara) to Downtown LA/Union Station, connecting to the Metro Gold Line to Pasadena, OR to the Glendale Amtrak station, transferring to Metro Line 180/181 to the parade.  FREE transit transfers are available for connecting from the Surfliner to LA Metro.
-San Joaquins (intercity rail service from the Bay Area / Central Valley) to Downtown LA / Union Station, transferring to the Metro Gold Line to Pasadena, OR to the Glendale Amtrak station, transferring to Metro Line 180/181 to the parade.  ***Pasadena's Amtrak shuttle stop will be closed all-day, 02 January 2017.

Getting within Pasadena:
-Pasadena Transit's information and detours.
-Foothill Transit's line 187 detours around the parade.

Rose Bowl / Post-Parade Information:
-LA Metro's information; select "Rose Bowl" and/or "Floats." tabs.

As mentioned earlier, DO NOT DRIVE to the parade, game or float viewing.  The very limited amount of parking spots have probably been sold out since Thanksgiving, on-site parking will be ridiculous, and taking transit will be your quickest, cheapest and SAFEST way to get to the Rose Parade activities.

Official Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game information can be found at the Tournament of Roses website.

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