Thursday, January 12, 2017

Prof. Ethan Elkind Discusses "Railtown" at UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies (25 Jan)

TransportiCA will be covering Prof. Ethan Elkind's 25 January talk at UCLA's Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies.  The lecture, titled "The Past and Future of LA's Metro Rail," will cover Metro Rail's recent history and its likely future with the passage of Measure M, Los Angeles County’s transportation tax and master plan to build out a comprehensive transit network.

Professor Elkind is also the Director of the Climate Program at UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, and leads the Climate Change and Business Research Initiative on behalf of the UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Law.

Elkind is also the inaugural author selected for TransportiCA's Book Club (July 2016).  His monumental publication Railtown can be purchased with a 30% discount at UC Press - please use the code "15W5487."

For more event information and to register, please visit the Lewis Center's event page.

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