Monday, December 26, 2016

TransportiCA's Book Club to Launch Annual Contest - "New Year, New Reads"

In 2017, TransportiCA will begin a new annual tradition called "New Year, New Reads," in which one contest winner will receive all of the prior year's Book Club selections, signed by their authors, as well.*

On 01 January 2017, look for TransportiCA's six contest questions - one each from 2016's Book Club selections: Railtown, Human Transit, Our Renewable Future, Streetfight, Low Car(bon) Communities and Death & Life of Great American Cities.

Further, we also start the new year with a confession for readers: every question ever used for a Book Club contest is available via free previews provided by online vendors.  No purchase has ever been necessary for contest submission, but we do hope you will become a fan of the publication, resulting in letting others know why they need to buy a copy for themselves.

As always, for additional information regarding "New Year, New Reads," or any Book Club contest, please email us at: bookclub[at]  We wish you well, and best of luck!

*For 2016's selections, Jane Jacobs' signature will not be provided on the winner's copy of Death & Life of Great American Cities, as Jacobs is no longer with us.

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