Sunday, December 25, 2016

TransportiCA to End Career Postings With Driver's Licence Requirements

In July of this year, TransportiCA posted an article from CityLab about the negative effect of not having a driver's licence has on finding employment - "No Driver's License, No Job?"  Overwhelmingly, this lack of a license - and hence, employment -  affects young people of color.

Because of this, TransportiCA will no longer post to our Career and Internship pages any positions requiring possession of a driver's license.

Not only do we not want to be a part of any system that reflects inequity - even if implicitly, we feel as though TransportiCA would be going against our commitment to sustainable and active transportation if continuing to post these positions, and would be especially antithetical to the Triple-Bottom Line.

We understand this view may not be shared by organizations contributing postings to TransportiCA, but we have a commitment to equity and the environment, and public transit is the far better choice for green and socially-responsible commuting. 

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