Monday, November 7, 2016

OakDOT RISING: Now Hiring for OakDOT's Director

Despite our incredible desire to see Jeff Tumlin stay with OakDOT - the department he LITERALLY built - beyond the current time frame, and possibly FOR-EV-ER, the City of Oakland is now looking for someone to fill the massive footprint left by Tumlin.  The new OakDOT Director - we're praying someone with the last name of Sadik-Khan - will maintain the momentum and pride that has enveloped the sunny side of the Bay since OakDOT's creation.

(We are not saying there was not pride in Oakland prior; in fact, we love Oakland Pride.)  

Oakland needs a hero; a hero 'til the end of the night.  They've gotta be strong, they've gotta be fast, they've gotta be fresh from the fight They've gotta be sure, they've gotta be soon, and most importantly, they've gotta be larger than life.  (Someone Bonnie Tyler would approve of...)

In many aspects, Oakland's time has come, and the City needs a visionary leader with a strong personality, principled manners and someone who will not back down when challenging - or, ultimately ending - dated, hated and illogical transportation customs.  The renaissance in urban mobility and active transportation must live on, and we hope the City is willing to be as bold as Mayor Schaff has been when appointing OakDOT's new Director.

More information on the position can be found at the official announcement, or you can view the position's official recruitment brochure below.

To be considered, submit your resume and cover letter with current salary information to by December 12, 2016.  Resumes received by December 12, 2016 will receive first consideration. The position is open until filled. 

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