Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Answer Our APTA Trivia Question, Win an Assortment of Cool Items!

This contest has since ended; answers to questions are listed below, and thank you for your interest.

Congratulations to Jay Spears of Los Angeles - our trivia contest winner!

TransportiCA received a lot of promotional items from our coverage of the American Public Transportation Association's 2016 annual conference in Los Angeles.  Now, we would like to give these items away to two TransportiCA followers who can answer our trivia question.

The items awarded include: Proterra insulated water bottle and pen, preloaded seven-day TAP card from L.A. Metro, baggage tag from the Transit Cooperative Research Program, collectible pin from the S.F. Bay Area Rapid-Transit District, as well as, collectible pins and a travel map from the Atlanta C.V.B. - home of the 2017 APTA annual meeting and EXPO.  (All items pictured below.)

Trivia Question:
As the site of the 2016 annual meeting, Los Angeles is also home to an APTA Chair and immediate Past Chair, both transit CEOs.  Who are these people, and what agency do they lead?

Current APTA Chair (2016-17): Doran Barnes, CEO, Foothill Transit, and Past Chair: Phillip A. Washington, CEO, L.A. Metro.

Send your responses via our homepage's "Contract Form" - front-page, bottom left - with your name, email address and responses in the "message" section.  (This is the ONLY way TransportiCA will accept responses.)  Submissions are due by 23:59 Sunday, 20 Wednesday, 30 November 2016.  Employees of any organization affiliated with this contest - item providers or trivia answers - are not allowed to submit responses.

Thank you for your participation, and best of luck!

A HUGE thank you to Virginia Miller of APTAJacquelyn Dupont-Walker - L.A. Metro Board Member, Candace Branch and Steven Brewster of Proterra, S.F. BARTTCRP and the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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