Monday, September 5, 2016

VTA: September is National Rail Safety Month


On a national average, every three hours a person or vehicle is hit by a train.

VTA, along with the nonprofit rail safety organization Operation Lifesaver, is working to change people's behavior around train tracks and crossings with these basic but life-saving tips: STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!  

VTA’s “Stay Safe, Stay Alive” brochure has tips for walking, biking and driving around the light rail system including:

* STOP when light flash and gates go down. NEVER assume it is safe to go around gates because trains can run on any track, in any direction, at any time.
* LOOK for headlights and heed all flashing warning signs.
* LISTEN for approaching trains – they are very quiet. Remove ear buds and take a break from mobile phones when approaching the tracks.

Although it is important for everyone to be aware of the risks of being distracted around trains, VTA is particularly focusing on youths with hopes that the message resonates with them early on and safety becomes part of their daily routine.

“Unsafe practices such as jaywalking, trespassing or reckless driving could have a detrimental impact on someone’s life,” states Maritza Flores, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Student and Co-Producer of the video Decisions Determine Destiny. “It’s just not worth it.”   

To highlight safe practices around trains, VTA is out in the community raising awareness about the importance of not being distracted or taking risks around the light rail system. 

VTA's Youth Outreach Program is an awareness program dedicated to teaching local youths about the benefits of taking public transportation in a safe and responsible way. By starting the discussion about transit safety early, we believe they will gain an appreciation for the rules of riding and the important role public transit plays in our community. Principals, teachers and parents are encouraged to contact staff to schedule a presentation for their schools by calling (408) 321-7500.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive!


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