Saturday, September 3, 2016

Prof. Ethan Elkind: California’s Doing Pretty Well On Interstate Fast Charging For EVs

I’ve been a complainer about the lack of fast-charging sites on major interstate corridors in California.  But perhaps just in time for any electric road trips this holiday weekend, I looked at the Plugshare map of the state today and was pleasantly surprised.

California has actually done a decent job getting more of these fast-chargers installed for long-distance trips (Tesla is excluded from this discussion since they already have a ton of interstate fast chargers deployed for their customers).

Here’s a map of the Bay Area to Monterey route, for example, which was impenetrable to most limited-range EVs until recently:
And here’s Interstate 5 towards Los Angeles (some of these are Tesla chargers though):
I-5 south
And then here’s I-5 north towards Ashland, Oregon:
I-5 north
There’s still a ways to go, but many of these stations are new in the past year.  It will be important to get even more charging infrastructure deployed as EV sales continue to rise with lower-cost, higher-range vehicles coming on the market.

So happy Labor Day weekend, whether you’re driving electric or biking, walking, taking transit, or just staying put!


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