Friday, September 16, 2016

L.A. Green Festival Exhibitor Profile - Uscooters

TransportiCA met-up with Brad Ducorsky of "Uscooters," to discuss the unique features of the Uscooter.
Off-the-bat, TransportiCA noticed the Uscooter's light weight for an electric scooter - around 24 pounds.  Despite this, Uscooter can reach speeds of 18 miles-per-hour, and has a range of 21 miles - making it perfect for the last/first mile transportation solution.

Other unique features of the scooter include cruise control, increased range through regenerative braking, automatic LED lighting system when in poor light, no friction when braking with magnetic brakes, as well as, a "zero start" feature - activating the scooter by sliding your foot.

The Uscooter costs around $999, and can be ordered online, with the exception of sales by some local vendors.

For more information, please visit, or visit them through Sunday (18 Sep) at L.A. Green Festival's booth 622.

Please note: placement or mention of commercial products, or referencing such enterprises, is in no way an endorsement for the product and/or company.

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