Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Trails (via rail) to Hubert Hanrahan, CCJPA!

After six years as Capitol Corridor's Transportation Officer, five years with ACE, and 31 years with Amtrak, overall, Hubert Hanrahan's final alightment takes place next Friday, 07 October.

This is not fair, and is very selfish of Hubert.

Having an editorial staff of former local, state and federal public servants, we are well-aware of the "expectations" some have with government employees; do not ask too much of them, speak slowly, no brightly-colored clothing when approaching them, scream when they begin to say "let me transfer you," etc.

However, since working with Hubert, he has done the most amazing job in destroying the "European" association of many public sector workers.  Hubert has been the public servant who makes you glad you take Amtrak, and almost inspires one to cause mischief, as you know he will work hard in addressing your issue.  (Charges filed or not...)

Hubert has been with CCJPA since the beginning, as he was a conductor on the inaugural Capitol Corridor train on 12 December 1991.

Trust me, if TransportiCA could influence the Superior Court to stay his retirement, we would have done so years ago.  Being the hard and determined worker he is, we just wonder, why quit now?  Trust us, these "golden years" can be filled with a lot of lead...

Regardless, TransportiCA thanks Hubert for his unwavering and relentless service to the people, and hopes his successor has at least 1/4 of his talent.

TransportiCA's Editorial Staff
Greg Justice, Brian C. Swanson and Remi Mateo.

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