Monday, September 5, 2016

CalSTA Blog: US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and CalSTA Secretary Brian Kelly visit Transbay Transit Center

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On Thursday, US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx joined Secretary Brian Kelly for a visit to the Transbay Transit Center construction site. Foxx met with the Center’s team and was briefed on the project. Managed by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, the site will be a multimodal hub for transit connectivity throughout the Bay Area and state.
Photo Aug 25, 1 49 22 PM (1)
Photo Aug 25, 2 06 31 PM
View of the city from the rooftop deck and public park
Photo Aug 25, 1 50 42 PM (1)
Photo Aug 25, 1 51 39 PM
Crews working on the fa├žade of the Center
On track to be certified LEED Gold, the transit center will serve 11 different transit systems in center of San Francisco. The terminal will include a bus deck which will connect Transbay bus service from the East Bay with service to Marin County and down the Peninsula.
Photo Aug 25, 1 48 34 PM (1)
CalSTA team touring the bus bay level of the Transbay Center
Photo Aug 25, 1 47 53 PM (1)
The bus deck will also have a direct connection the Bay Bridge via a new onramp and 60% of the center’s visitors will come from the East Bay. It will also connect transit users with Amtrak and Greyhound bus service to move throughout the state.
Photo Aug 25, 1 58 35 PM (1)
This is the direct connect ramp from the Bay Bridge to the bus deck – the large pillar will have cables extending to emulate the new East Span of the Bay Bridge
The center will also include a train platform which will serve as the northern terminus for both Caltrain and high-speed rail. This will extend rail 1.3 miles to connect a new underground rail station at Fourth and Townsend, replacing the current SF depot, and bringing Caltrain commuters closer to the city’s center. This section of the center was made possible through an $400 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grant.
The underground train platforms
Photo Aug 25, 12 42 43 PM (1)
In addition to the transit platforms and bus bays, the facility will also house a concourse level for ticketing, bike storage, and 100,000 square feet of retail. One of the highlights of the center will be the 5.4 acres of open space on top of the center which will feature a walking/jogging trail, amphitheater to seat around 1,000 people, restaurant, a children’s playground and over 13 gardens. It will have 10 different access points.
The Transbay Transit Center is scheduled to open in 2017.


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