Friday, August 5, 2016

Re: Letter to San Jose Officials Regarding an Unpaved Sidewalk (05 Jul 16)

Exactly one month ago, we sent a letter to San Jose city officials regarding an unpaved sidewalk along King Road, near McKee Road, that our Editor - Greg Justice - encountered.  Recalling his transportation planning education and employment, Justice believes the sidewalk being unpaved and incomplete leaves no other choice for pedestrians, but to run across King Road - whether to reach the VTA bus stop at McKee, or continue southbound.  Furthermore, both King and McKee Roads are major thoroughfares and identified in San Jose's Vision Zero, because they, sadly, are included in the group of 3% of city streets in which around 50% of traffic fatalities occur.

Responding to your inquiries, we would love to share updates with our followers, but no one with the City of San Jose has responded to our letter, nor even acknowledged receipt, despite electronic and physical transmissions - see below.  As both our Editor and Deputy Editor - Brian Swanson - have served local, state and federal governments for decades, we are concerned by the lack of public engagement and responsiveness this communication process establishes.

While we understand government offices are indeed busier than ever - implementing more mandates with less resources, we still hope elected officials would be fervent in their response to concerns of civic planning, especially those which are believed to be associated with induced behavior leading to potential fatalities; Justice noted the current unpaved and incomplete sidewalk is simply "dangerous by design."

TransportiCA will continue to inquire as to inquire as to our initial correspondence, and will provide updates to this site, if provided.

The initial (05 July) posting can be found here, and below is the Tweet, email and initial letter transmitted to City officials.

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