Tuesday, August 2, 2016

OAKLAND, CA RESIDENTS: Opinion Sought for Series About the new Oakland Department of Transportation

TransportiCA is proud to announce our inaugural features series about the new Oakland Department of Transportation, "OakDOT RISING."  Look for our first piece this Friday (04 August).

In the meantime, if you are a resident of Oakland, California, or affiliated with Oakland's transportation system in any way - user, aficionado, advocate, historian, professor, practitioner, etc. - we would appreciate your perspectives for the OakDOT RISING series.  Questions are listed below.

Please feel free to respond incrementally, if you cannot respond to all of them at once; we are confident of your busy schedule, and can accomadate.

Your information and responses can be sent to: features[at]transportica.net, with the subject header "OakDOT Rising Responses," or you can respond via TransportiCA's "Comment Form" on the home page, lower lefthand corner.

All responses sent (emailed) constitute permission for TransportiCA to publish the information contained, therein.

Please feel free to contact us at: info[at]transportica.net for additional information.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing your responses!

Greg Justice        Brian C. Swanson
Founder/Editor      Deputy Editor


1.     Why does Oakland need a DOT?

2.     What are your hopes for the new Oakland Department of Transportation ("OakDOT")?

3.     Are there any past transportation “philosophies / practices” you hope OakDOT does not continue?  Any “philosophies / practices” you hope they do continue?

4.     Why do you think Jeff Tumlin of Nelson/Nygaard was appointed as the interim director of OakDOT?

5.     Do you hope Tumlin has objectives similar to a “first 100 days plan?”

6.     What transportation issue(s) do you want OakDOT to solve, or at least work aggressively on?

7.     Do you hope OakDOT can direct its resources or support to removing the 980 freeway?  Why?

8.     What degree do you hope OakDOT, under Tumlin, is organizationally structure / established, versus implementing transportation and engineering fixes during Tumlin's nine-month appointment?  If you believe there cannot be a balance, to what degree would you rather have Tumlin focus on either approach, while in office?

9.     Seeing as though Tumlin has a nine-month appointment, what do you expect he will, or can accomplish, in that time frame?

10. Following the nine-months, do you hope Tumlin's appointment is extended?

11. If Tumlin does not wish to continue his appointment, who do you believe would be the ideal successive director, and why?

12. Are there any collaborations you hope OakDOT establishes with other municipal or regional governments, non-profits, business organizations, etc.?

13. Given that Amtrak, BART, and Capitol Corridor have headquarters - or major regional offices - in Oakland, and the City is home to Northern California's largest port, do you hope OakDOT becomes a major regional body - either in practice, policy, or both - despite it municipal / geographic jurisdiction?

14. What do hope OakDOT institutes as its flagship policy / operation / engineering approach, etc.?

15. Anything else to add?


Your information and responses can be sent to: features[at]transportica.net, with the subject header "OakDOT Rising Responses," or you can respond via TransportiCA's "Comment Form" on the home page, lower lefthand corner.

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