Friday, August 5, 2016

Job Posting: Mass Transit Innovator (OurBus, Inc. - New York, NY)

Mass Transit Innovator

Firm: OurBus, Inc.
New York, NY

Payment: Paid
Category: Transportation
Contact: Narinder Singh

Posted: Aug 5, 2016

OurBus, Inc., a New York-based startup company, is looking for an innovator who is passionate about transforming the world of passenger transportation. Our mission is to let commuters and travelers use an algorithm-based app to create new, demand-responsive bus routes tailored exactly to their needs.

We are looking for a creative, capable candidate who can contribute not only with hard research and analytical skills, but also by contributing new ideas and perspectives to our team.

As a startup, everyone on our team does a little bit of everything, so versatility is a must.

Compensation: 45,000 to 95,000 per year


• Bachelor’s degree in business administration, urban planning, transportation planning, transportation engineering, computer science, civil engineering or similar major.

Master’s degree preferred.

• Deep knowledge of public transportation issues, and broader transportation policy trends. Experience in related fields is also a plus.


• Perform demographics and transportation research on potential new markets to share with company decision makers. Lead expansion efforts to new cities and neighborhoods with outreach to residential communities and major employers to build demand for new bus routes.

• Initiate and complete contract negotiations with vendors. Follow up with quality control/customer experience inspections. May also include duties as a ride host during commuting hours.

• Compile data and prepare reports on ridership levels, fare revenues and travel patterns.

• Review app interface and outgoing materials for consistency and user-friendliness.

• Identify and create partnerships with local governments, serve as lead contact for government relationships.

• Serve as transportation knowledge center to support public relations, promotion and marketing efforts.

• Participate in strategizing for business development and technology upgrades.


• Professional-level presentation and networking abilities.

• Proficiency with GIS, TransCAD, Factfinder, or other tools for geographic/demographic analysis.
• Transit scheduling and route planning.

• Familiarity with transit operation and economics

Availability: Must start immediately. Ability to travel and work occasional weekends is required.

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