Sunday, July 3, 2016

WSDOT publishes 20-year framework for statewide public transportation

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - 15:18

Connecting people, connecting communities

OLYMPIA – The 2016 Washington State Public Transportation Plan is now available. The plan provides a 20-year diverse and integrated framework for public and private transportation systems and services. Two years in the making, the plan represents a collaborative effort between the Washington State Department of Transportation, statewide partners, and communities.
“People throughout Washington rely on public transportation, whether it’s buses, rail, rideshare, bike trails or even walking to get where they want to go,” said WSDOT Acting Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar. “This plan sets a future direction for Washington’s public transportation that supports families, communities, the economy and environment.”
Washington’s citizens helped shape the plan with ongoing participation in advisory committees, workshops and organizations, as well as during the public comment period. One of the key elements of the plan is a program of near-term actions that can be implemented in the current biennium. WSDOT and its partners are continuing to collaborate on these actions to make measurable progress on the plan. The first progress report is expected in December 2017.
About the plan
The 2016 Washington State Public Transportation Plan describes a broad array of public transportation services and systems that do not involve a single person in a motorized vehicle. The five goals in the plan cover thriving communities, access, adaptive transportation capacity, customer experience and transportation system guardianship. Strategies, early actions and partner organizations are identified for each goal.
For more information
Stan Suchan, data, evaluation and project development manager,
Gayla Reese Walsh, public liaison, 360-705-7011
Visit our Transportation Plan page for more information, or contact the WSDOT Public Transportation Division at 360-705-7922.


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