Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Hill: Feds drop proposal to prioritize freight trains over Amtrak

By Melanie Zanona - 07/28/16 02:02 PM EDT

In a big win for Amtrak, a panel of federal regulators has reversed course on two proposals that the passenger rail service says would have led to significant delays.
The Safety Transportation Board (STB) announced Thursday it has reconsidered a proposal that would have allowed railroads to prioritize freight trains over passenger systems such as Amtrak.
The panel originally argued that the policy change could boost the efficiency of the nation's overall rail system and said the mandate to prioritize passenger trains was not spelled out in federal law. 
The statute was established in the 1970s when Amtrak was created to relieve freight railroads of money-losing passenger services.
But the surface transportation board ultimately concluded Thursday that current law does say that passenger trains are to be given preference over freight trains on shared tracks. 
Amtrak argued that if the policy change had been implemented, long-distance and commuter trains would have seen a substantial increase in delays, since nearly 97 percent of the passenger railroad's route miles operate on host railroad tracks that are not owned by Amtrak. 
Freight rail companies, however, said the effort would have allowed railways to determine the priority of trains on a case-by-case basis.  
The safety board also decided to tweak a proposal that would have defined “on-time performance” by when a train reaches its end destination. Instead, performance will be measured by punctuality at intermediate Amtrak stations


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