Thursday, July 7, 2016

T4America Webinars: A new FAST Act guide and a better measure of congestion (13-14 July)

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A FAST Act guide and a better congestion measure
Dear Friend,
As one of our valued T4America insiders following our work more closely, we wanted to make sure you were aware of two webinars and one new guidebook coming your way next week.
Next week we will be releasing Falling Forward: A Guide To the FAST Act, a new guidebook intended to help you understand the changes made in 2015’s five-year transportation law and provide you with the best information to best leverage the federal transportation program. Join us Thursday, July 14th at 4 p.m. as we briefly discuss the guide and the FAST Act with some of our policy experts and other special local guests who will add some insight on what the bill means for local communities.
Register for the webinar and we’ll email you a copy of the guide first thing next Thursday.

A better way to measure congestion

Thousands of people — hopefully including yourself! — have sent letters to USDOT on their draft rulethat will govern how states and metro areas will have to measure and address congestion — a proposal that currently defines “success” in outdated ways. 
Just a day before the FAST Act guide release, join T4A’s policy team on July 13th at 3 p.m. EDT to learn about some proposed alternatives to improve USDOT’s congestion performance measure. The alternatives we’ll be discussing on this webinar were developed in collaboration with a handful of MPOs, transit agencies, state DOTs, and advocates throughout the country.
It’s not enough simply to tell USDOT that their current measure doesn’t cut it — we’re going to be submitting an alternative, improved proposal for USDOT to consider. That’s what we’ll be discussing next week.
(P.S., these are two separate webinars, so be sure to click both buttons and register for each one if you are interested!)
Thanks for your support,
Stephen Lee Davis
Director of Communications
Transportation for America


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