Monday, July 18, 2016

T4America: USDOT's Congestion Rule Webinar (13 July)

Catch up on yesterday's congestion webinar
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Thanks for registering for yesterday's webinar on USDOT's congestion rule.
USDOT’s draft rule that will govern how states and metro areas will have to measure and address congestion would define “success” in incredibly outdated ways. In a webinar on Wednesday, we discussed better ways to measure congestion and a detailed proposal we’re sending to USDOT, which we developed in collaboration with a handful of MPOs, transit agencies, state DOTs, and advocates throughout the country. 
If you missed the webinar yesterday, you can catch up right here with the audio and slides.

Have you weighed in personally with USDOT yet?

It's not too late.
Deciding how to evaluate which projects are “successful” will influence which transportation projects are selected and built for years to come. And the problem with using old measures for assessing traffic congestion is that it leads directly to old “solutions,” like prioritizing fast driving speeds above all other modes of transportation and their associated benefits. But success is about a lot more than moving cars fast.
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Stephen Lee Davis
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Transportation for America


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