Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SVLG: Traffic Relief and Road Repair Measure Goes to the November Ballot


By Chris O’Connor, Transportation Senior Associate

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group recently surpassed a major milestone on an effort that could be a game changer for traffic relief and road repairs throughout Silicon Valley.
After more than three and a half years of work, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors voted unanimously on June 2 in favor of placing a Traffic Relief and Road Repair Measure on the ballot for this year’s November election.
The development of this ballot measure has been the top priority of the Leadership Group for more than three years now, and the unanimous vote signified the consensus that has been reached by stakeholders throughout the region. On the night of the vote, VTA Board Members referenced the balanced, policy driven nature of the measure, as well as the extraordinary effort and investments put forward by the Leadership Group. This initiative will allow a number of visionary projects to become a reality, such as completing the BART extension to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara, increasing the capacity of Caltrain, as well as relieving traffic and repairing roads throughout the County. Congratulations are in order for Leadership Group members who have dedicated countless hours toward this effort.
However, as we take a brief moment to celebrate what we have accomplished, the most important part of this journey is still before us, as we transition to the “playoffs” – wining a successful campaign this November.
To date the ballot measure has earned the endorsement of nearly 80 elected leaders, including 14 major organizations here in the Valley. Every day that number is growing. Soon a number of Leadership Group staff will be fully donating their time to the campaign, in an effort to get us past the 66.67 percent Santa Clara County voter finish line.
We invite you to join us in the final effort to finish what we all started more than three years ago. For more information on how you can engage, please contact Chris O’Connor at coconnor@svlg.org.

(Source: http://svlg.org/the-leader-july-2016)

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