Saturday, July 2, 2016


Have a great story or an Op-Ed to contribute to the dialogue of sustainable transportation?

We would love to entertain your thoughts and perspectives on this issue!

Please bare in mind a few things when sending (yes...the small, but very important print):
  1. Nothing malicious, juvenile, or insanely discrediting will be accepted.
  2. TransportiCA focuses mainly on California-related issues and their relationship to sustainable transportation, but we do love to hear about ideas that would have a beneficial impact of the Golden State's transportation system - regardless of the geographic/national source.
  3. Because TransportiCA administration has undergone academic, technical and peer-reviewed training, we will perform a cursory fact-check on your contribution; pieces in which information is misconstrued, factually inaccurate, nor have a legitimate source will be rejected.
  4. TransportiCA reserves the right to edit your contribution ONLY for length; the substantive foundation of your piece will never be modified. (We STRONGLY believe in the 1st Amendment and academic freedoms.)
  5. Contributions are not screened for any citation style compliance; however, with transportation writings, we do strongly encourage using the "Turibian/Chicago" style, and can provide resources for such integration.
  6. Acceptance and posting of your contribution in no way qualifies as an endorsement of the content or any entities mentioned, therein - commercial, or otherwise - unless otherwise noted.  Further, posting of your contributions is done so according to the "educational," "institutional," and "non-commercial" protections of the Copyright Act's "Fair-Use Doctrine" (17 U.S. Code §107).
  7. Although we would LOVE to feature all contributions sent to us, due to limited resources - mostly TIME, not all pieces can be accepted and/or posted.
  8. TransportiCA cannot offer compensation for postings at this time; however, we do reference A LOT of academic and professional journals and publications, and would be happy to forward / recommend your work to such organizations, in addition to posting your piece on TransportiCA.
  9. Lastly, WE LOVE TO RECEIVE WORK FROM STUDENTS!!!  Whether level of education you are at, we would enjoy taking a look at your work.  DO NOT be afraid to send us your work; TransportiCA's administration is graduate students, and welcome the opportunity to assist fellow scholars.
Feel free to send us your piece to infoat] transportica [dot] net, with the subject line "TransportiCA Consideration: [First & Last Name]."

Again, we welcome your contributions, and look forward to some great writings!


Greg Justice

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