Thursday, July 28, 2016

PlanWorks Bicycle and Pedestrian Considerations Webinar (25 August)

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SHRP2’s Capacity focus area has enhanced PlanWorks: Better Planning, Better Projects. The enhancement includes a new Bicycles and Pedestrians Application, which provides updated links to the latest references and tools to support collaboration related to planning and project development. 
A virtual workshop will be held August 25 to:
  • Cover the importance of collaboration amongst partners in integrating bicycle and pedestrian considerations into the transportation planning decision-making process.  
  • Provide detailed information on how multimodal transportation can be incorporated into specific transportation decision-making steps, covering long-range transportation planning, programming, corridor planning, and environmental review. 
  • Share insight from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, Roy Gothie, on how PlanWorks may be applicable to the work being undertaken in that state.
Registration for the webinar is required.
If you have any questions, please contact Reena Mathews at


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