Thursday, July 7, 2016

New FHWA Report: Integrated Corridor Management and Traffic Incident Management: A Primer

Table of Contents

Integrated Corridor Management Fundamentals
The Integrated Corridor Management Research Initiative
Traffic Incident Management
Traffic Incident Management Stakeholders
Traffic Incident Management Goals
Traffic Incident Management Today
Institutional Integration
Opportunities for Institutional Integration
Challenges to Institutional Integration
Operational Integration
Opportunities for Operational Integration
Challenges to Operational Integration
Technical Integration
Opportunities for Technical Integration
Challenges to Technical Integration

List of Figures

Figure 1Illustration. ICM involves viewing corridor assets – such as freeways, arterials and transit – through a common lens
Figure 2Illustration. The active and integrated continuum
Figure 3Illustration. Washington State Department of Transportation Gray Notebook Performance Measures

List of Tables

Table 1Primary traffic incident management stakeholders
Table 2Opportunities and challenges associated with integrated corridor management and traffic incident management
Table 3Analysis, modeling, and simulation scenarios and performance measures assessed for US-75 in Dallas, TX and I-15 in San Diego, CA


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