Tuesday, June 28, 2016

U.S. DOT: Sign Here to Support Connecting People to Opportunity!

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“We must reinvent how we think about transportation. We need to aspire for more. We need a transportation system that connects people to opportunity while bringing opportunity to people.”

-U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx

Transportation connects people to opportunity and can invigorate opportunity within communities. To the greatest extent possible, we should support transportation projects that do both.
While we cannot change the past, we can ensure that current and future transportation projects connect and strengthen communities, including areas that have, in the past, been on the wrong side of transportation decisions.
Transportation facilities should be built by, for and with the communities impacted by them. Development of transportation facilities should meaningfully reflect and incorporate the input of all the people and communities they touch.
I stand with Secretary Foxx in believing we can make our infrastructure the connective tissue it should be, safeguard our communities, and connect a big missing dot in the line between income inequality and opportunity.

(Source: https://www.transportation.gov/opportunity/support-connecting-people-to-opportunity#_blank)

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