Monday, June 27, 2016

TRB Straight to Recording For All: Understanding Pedestrian Behaviors and Traffic Controls at Signalized Crosswalks for Safety Improvement

TRB recorded presentations in March 2016 that present pedestrian crossing behaviors at various density levels and turning vehicle maneuver patterns at signalized crosswalks based on video data collected in the US and Japan. The purpose of these presentations is to examine how pedestrians behave at crosswalks, where pedestrian-vehicle conflict points are located, and how trajectory paths are defined. The videos are available on-demand at no cost. 

Here are the slides from the presentations.


Introduction of Scope and Speakers


Concepts of Traffic Signal Control for Pedestrians


Pedestrian Behavior at Signalized Intersections in Japan


Pedestrian Behavior and Traffic Controls at Crosswalks in New York City


Moderator: Lee Kim, AKRF, Inc.,


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