Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TheSource: He’s just 13, but he has a few ideas for [LA] Metro


On behalf of the Metro planning staff, I’d like to thank 13-year-old Jack Guerra for a very fine — and very thorough, no-holds-barred  — presentation that he gave us Friday afternoon at Metro HQ.
Jack, who lives in Expo Line-adjacent Palms, has attended several recent Metro outreach meetings and has been emailing maps and presentations to staff. As a result, he received an invite to brief us in person on his vision for Metro.
The slide in the top photo provides an overview of some of the things that Jack has in mind. In addition to his recommendations, Jack has been busy drawing maps of new bus lines and how they could feed riders to Metro’s new rail lines.
It was great to see someone who clearly has put a lot of thought into Metro and the role of transit and highways in our region. For parents and kids alike: although it’s a little early for Jack, Metro has an internship program that offers work in a variety of fields, as well as an entry-level jobs program. More here about Metro careers and internships.


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