Sunday, June 12, 2016

LB Press Telegram: Port of Long Beach, fire officials unveil ‘world’s most advanced fireboat’


The Long Beach Fire Department Wednesday unveiled its new Fireboat 20, dubbed the Protector and billed as the “world’s most technologically advanced fireboat.”
With 10 water cannons, the fireboat can throw 41,000 gallons of water per minute across a length of two football fields, about four times more than the 10,000 gallons per minute that the port’s existing fireboats can do.
The old fireboats were built to combat flames aboard smaller ships in the Port of Long Beach, according to a statement from the port. Today ships are being built far larger and are more complex.
The Protector will be able to shoot water or foam anywhere aboard the world’s largest container ships and oil tankers. Its capabilities include chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection, along with medical treatment facilities, booms to contain spills, an onboard crane and a command center for emergency management, the port said.


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