Thursday, June 2, 2016

LA Times Op-Ed: How L.A. can improve its return on our multibillion-dollar transit investment

Marlon G. Boarnet and Gary Painter
Metro's light rail Gold Line expanded east in March, and in a matter of days, its Expo line will link Culver City and Santa Monica, finishing a long-sought rail line between the beach and downtown L.A. Next up, rail through the Crenshaw district, a downtown connector, and the subway-to-the-sea extension of the Purple line to the west side.
In many parts of Los Angeles, all this new transit hasn't just helped people get around, it has fueled development boomlets. In Pasadena, downtown and in Hollywood in particular, new apartment buildings, hotels, offices and stores have been springing up in the vicinity of rail lines. Our regional investment in better public transportation has helped increase the value of land and property along many of the transit routes.


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