Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Getting to Know Caltrans' Office of Sustainable Community Planning

Caltrans Title

Office of Sustainable Community Planning

The Office of Sustainable Community Planning (OSCP) works to address a statewide need to improve coordination between transportation planning and decision-making and local land use planning and decision-making. 

We focus on the need for community-sensitive approaches to transportation and land use decisions as well as how sustainable transportation choices can best be made. 
OSCP also works to enhance Caltrans’ leadership role in the development and delivery of transportation projects that are consistent with community values and which therefore enjoy more public support.

 Value Statement

To promote and participate in community-based planning that integrates land use, transportation, and community values.


Broader goals of the Office of Sustainable Community Planning include:
  • Affect existing Caltrans processes and functions to reflect relevant context-sensitive approaches and community values;
  • Develop partnerships to enhance community-based transportation planning approaches at local, regional, and state levels;
  • Develop technical and program expertise in community-based transportation planning and active public engagement techniques;
  • Enhance Caltrans' leadership role by integrating community-based transportation planning approaches in the Department's planning processes;
  • Move forward with transportation planning efforts and projects that enjoy public support, thus are easier to develop and deliver because of consistency with community values;
  • Work at the local level to ensure that potential impacts of proposed local development to the State Highway System are avoided or mitigated.

 OSCP Programs

The Office of Sustainable Community Planning consists of these elements: Public Engagement, Emerging Priorities, Local Development-Intergovernmental Review (LD-IGR), Native American Liaison, Smart Mobility including Complete Streets and Smart Mobility Framework implementation, and Land-Use/Transportation Data and Tools.
Please see the webpage for these programs to learn more about their work that supports the Department’s mission, vision and goals as well as state planning priorities.

 Physical Address:
 Mailing Address:
Department of Transportation
Transportation Planning
MS #32
P. O. Box 942874
SacramentoCA 94274-0001
Paul Albert Marquez
Acting Chief, Office of Sustainable Community Planning
Caltrans Division of Transportation Planning 
Phone 916-653-3896
Email paul-albert.marquez@dot.ca.gov

(Source: http://www.dot.ca.gov/transplanning/ocp/index.html)

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