Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ACTransit: Introducing AC Go: More buses, more often.

Starting in June 2016, AC Transit will put more buses on the street. More buses means faster service and shorter wait times. We’re improving weekend service to better accommodate those who travel outside commuter hours. We’re updating our schedules to improve the reliability of our service. See the planning phases dating back to 2014 below.

The service you need
Reliable service is our first priority. As we roll out AC Go in three phases over the coming 18 months, we will factor in traffic conditions on our routes so our schedules are more accurate and our service more predictable. We’ll work to make it as simple as possible so all our riders get to their destinations easily and on time.
In the first of the three phases, the June roll out will affect six existing lines, create two new lines and improve frequency and reliability on 11 others. Goals of this phase are:
  • Improved reliability by shortening long routes that can’t maintain schedules because of traffic, construction, and other unavoidable impacts.
  • Extending some routes that serve key destinations.
  • Split one circular line that riders find confusing into two linear lines that provide better access to high-traffic destinations.
Details about changes coming June 26:
Click the link below to view all AC Go line changes detail and individual line maps.
  • Existing Line 1, Existing Line 1R, New Line 6
  • Existing Line 12
  • Existing Line 57
  • Existing Line 58L
  • Existing Line 99
  • New Line 10
  • Existing Line 98
  • New Line 90
  • More Frequent Service Lines 7, 12, 52, 88, NL
  • Reliability Improvements Lines 40, 45, 51A, G, NX3, O, W

More to come
The changes happening in June set the stage for even more improvements to come in December 2016 and beyond. Not everything that happens in June will feel like an improvement. For example, splitting Line 1 into two lines means a transfer may be needed where there wasn’t one before. But reliability and on-time performance will improve because delays in Downtown Berkeley will no longer impact the route all the way to San Leandro.

Thanks to Measure BB
AC Go is your tax dollar at work. In 2014, East Bay voters overwhelming approved Measure BB – the Alameda County Transportation Commission sales tax. Once fully implemented, AC Go will increase service by as much as 14 percent thanks to that funding. AC Transit plans to invest the majority of its estimated $30 million share of annual tax revenues on the improvements outlined in AC Go.

Planning and Public Outreach: Service Expansion Plan (SEP) Becomes AC Go

Members of the public have been collaborating with AC Transit since 2014 through two rounds of extensive public outreach for the Service Expansion Plan, or SEP, which has been renamed AC Go.

Through November 11, 2015 the public was encouraged to review and comment on the final set of service enhancements proposed in the Service Expansion Plan (SEP). During this time, the Board also accepted comments on the draft environmental impact analysis of the SEP, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act.

Staff compiled and reviewed all public comments received before and at the public hearing, and forwarded these to the Board of Directors in advance of its December 9, 2015 meeting. The Board then took action to approve, modify, or reject some or all of the proposed changes.

Implementation of approved changes is occurring in phases beginning in 2016. Since the use of Measure BB funds is limited to Alameda County, the proposed improvements in west Contra Costa County, with the exception of changes to lines 72, 72M, and 72R, will be implemented when additional new funding becomes available. In addition, AC Transit will not implement any service changes in Fremont and Newark until the completion and evaluation of the year-long Demand Responsive Service pilot at the end of 2016.

More Information
Specific details about how the changes coming in June will impact your trip are available by calling Customer Service at (510) 891-4777.


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