Friday, May 20, 2016

VTA: Interactive Website Launched for Transit Redesign Effort


VTA is seeking input on how best to provide transit service that is more useful, cost-effective and better meets the needs of Santa Clara County travelers. The dilemma facing VTA is that we cannot afford to make all of the changes we would like to our transit system. Ultimately trade-offs will have to be made.

Throughout the summer, we will be exploring key trade-offs and network design concepts through an extensive community engagement process. Outreach to the communities we serve will certainly involve the more traditional methods, like upcoming community meetings in Mountain View and Palo Alto, but VTA is also introducing a more convenient way to participate through a new interactive website

Join the conversation and get involved online!

The interactive website has been developed to gain valuable input from the community. Here you can explore the basics of our network analysis, new bus network concepts and light rail scenarios, and review reports and presentations. You will also find a number of ways to engage online in the process:  

Transit Choices Survey
Designing a transit network involves making tough choices between competing priorities.  What are your priorities for VTA's next transit network?  This survey requires dragging each slider to indicate a preference between the two options.

Vote for Your Ridership Preference
The most critical choice for the community to consider is how to allocate resources between ridership service and coverage service.  This survey requires dragging the slider to indicate what ridership-coverage balance the community would like VTA to adopt in its Next Network.

Participate in Blog Discussions
We have taken the third party initial assessment – the Transit Choices Report – and written easier to digest blog posts to help explain what this undertaking is all about. Here you can provide comments to each blog post to voice your opinion.

Join the conversation and visit  To receive updates on this project, make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the homepage.


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