Friday, May 27, 2016

USDOT: The U.S. Department of Transportation Offers Several Resources to Advance the Deployment of Connected Vehicles

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A nationwide network of connected vehicles and infrastructure is nearly here. Connected vehicles will be on our roads before the end of the decade. But there's still work to be done to ensure successful deployment and integration of the technology.
In June, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is partnering with ITS America to host an Accelerating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Day during ITS America 2016 in San Jose, CA. The free daylong workshop will highlight the USDOT's ITS program, discuss the "nuts and bolts" of connected vehicles, provide an overview of ITS funding, and discuss the Smart City Challenge and the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act. We are all excited about this day focused on efforts to accelerate the deployment of innovative, transformative technology.
In addition, the USDOT has several online resources available to help advance the deployment of connected vehicles.
Connected Vehicle Basics
Find out what you need to know about connected vehicles:
Connected Vehicle E-Primer
Take an online class on connected vehicles:
Connected Vehicle Pilots
See how three very different communities are deploying connected vehicle technology:
Smart Cities
Learn about the USDOT's Smart City Challenge:
Research Data Exchange
Get data from connected vehicle and other ITS deployments:
Open Source Data Applications Portal
Collaborate with others or download connected vehicle or other ITS-related applications:
Connected Vehicle Help Desk
Get technical assistance with connected vehicle devices and applications:
Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Guidance
Learn how your community can prepare for connected vehicles (coming soon):
Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture
Learn about the standards and systems requirements that allow connected vehicles to operate nationwide:
Professional Capacity Building
Take advantage of webinars and blended and classroom training:
National Transportation Library
Review thousands of free research reports on a searchable database: 
Affiliated Test Beds
Join a national organization that promotes collaboration among connected vehicle device makers, operators, installations, and application developers: 
Fact Sheets
Read more detailed descriptions about the USDOT's connected vehicle research programs:
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