Wednesday, May 4, 2016

TransForm: Support AB 2222: Give CA Student Discount Transit Passes!


Image: A young woman rides the bus. Photo: Michael HalberstadtStudents in California face a lot of challenges - getting to school shouldn't be one of them.
That's why we are proudly co-sponsoring AB 2222, a bill that would invest $50 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund in transit passes for K-12 and public college students across the state. This would give millions of students in California access to discounted and affordable public transportation, saving them and their families money and reducing our state's greenhouse gas emissions.
Last month, AB 2222 passed out of the Assembly Transportation Committee with a unanimous vote. But the future for AB 2222 is uncertain, because the Legislature still needs to decide how much money will go to this fund annually. 
We're not the only ones who think transit passes for students are a good idea: Read UCLA Professor Donald Shoup's letter of support for AB 2222, in which he talks about how UCLA's fare-free student transit program was much cheaper than the $47 million spent on a parking structure for 1,500 cars, and increased bus ridership and reduced student drive-alone mode share. AB 2222 is also supported by Move LA, ClimatePlan, the California Bicycle Coalition, Gamaliel, PolicyLink, CPEHN (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network), Public Advocates, Safe Routes to School, and the Leadership Council for Justice & Accountability support AB 2222 as part of the Transportation Equity Package.

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