Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SJSU's URBP 256: Sustainable Transportation Planning - Active Transportation Project

TransportiCA Note: Recently, myself and three graduate student colleagues presented a new idea for active transportation enhancements around the San Jose State and downtown San Jose areas.  This was a project for our Urban & Regional Studies 256 class - Sustainable Transportation Planning.  We also sent this to many elected and transportation officials, and have enjoyed great feedback.  Below are images of the presentation; the complete PDF and the final paper submitted can be accessed below.  

A big thanks to my colleagues - Mark Hertz, Peter Rice and Brian Swanson, as well as, Dr. Joseph Kott, AICP, PTP, and Dr. Charles Rivasplata - URBP 256's professors.

The entire presentation can be accessed on Google Drive, and the accompanying paper is also available for download.

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