Friday, May 27, 2016

Green Caltrain: San Francisco hashing out transportation ballot measure allocations


On Tuesday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors discussed two competing ballot measures to raise money for transportation and possibly homeless services as well.  The measures would raise about $2.5 Billion for transportation priorities including Muni, active transportation, and regional transportation (BART and Caltrain).
Both versions are proposed to include about 15%, or about $375 million for the regional priorities, which could make a notable dent in San Francisco’s covering its share of including the Caltrain capacity improvements, to help match with Santa Clara County proposed investments. It could also help cover San Francisco’s share of new BART car purchases, another investment which requires all counties to match.
One version is a half-cent sales tax that would raise money for transportation, supported by Supervisors Avalos and Weiner, requiring a 2/3 vote.  Another version is a 3/4 cent general sales tax increase which would only require a 50% vote, that would send funding to the General Fund, but include charter amendments to use 1/4 cent for homeless housing and services, and 1/2 cent for transportation.
If you live in SF and support local and regional transportation, watch for updates on how you can help.


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