Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Green Caltrain: Caltrain leaning toward bathrooms on electric trains


At the last board meeting, Caltrain staff reported that thanks to strong rider feedback, they are now recommending including bathrooms on the electric trains that will be ordered soon.
Special events and emergencies were top reasons given for wanting at least one bathroom. Other motivations include long trips, people with health needs, and kids.
Caltrain giants fans
Giants fans – and people sharing trains with Giants fans will appreciate bathrooms
The proposal is to include one bathroom per electric train set. The tradeoff is that bathrooms would up space that would be used by approximately 12 seats or 24 standing passengers.
One of the objections raised earlier by bathroom opponents, was that the Americans with Disabilities Act would require a bathroom on *every* car, if a bathroom was provided on *any* car. But Caltrain’s advice from lawyers and federal regulators is that one bathroom per train is fine, as long as the car and the bathroom are clearly marked.
The cost would be $2.8 million (about a tenth of one percent of the project cost). An alternative, bathrooms at stations, would cost $134,000 per station, plus the cost of plumbing hookups, maintenance and security. However, most of the existing station bathrooms have been closed over the decades, or closed to the public, because of difficulties in cleaning, maintaining, and securing public bathrooms.
The board is expected to make the decision on Thursday, June 2. If you support bathrooms on electric trains (or have other opinions), let Caltrain know, by sending an email to Caltrain staff and the Caltrain board, and feel free to copy us. /


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