Thursday, May 5, 2016

CalBike: Three CalBike bills passed, one defeated in the Assembly

California Bicycle Coalition

 News from the Capitol – Three CalBike bills passed, one defeated in the Assembly

Your California Bicycle Coalition took on a very full plate of bills this year aiming to make bicycling better and ensure that all Californians can benefit from healthy, clean transportation options—we’ve sponsored four bills and are actively working on two others with our partners in Sacramento. We had a very busy April with all of those bills moving through the Assembly. In the end, three of our bills have successfully advanced, and one did not.
  • AB 2509 (Ting) – clarifies the right to bicycle side-by-side, and has already passed off the Assembly Floor and moved on to the Senate. Help out by tweeting us your photos of side-by-side riding: #legalizehandholding.
  • AB 2796 (Bloom) – ensures funding for biking and walking education, engagement, and planning through the state-funded Active Transportation Program, especially in low-income communities. This bill, part of our coalition’s Transportation Equity Package, passed its first committee with an unanimous vote, and will be up for another committee vote soon in the Assembly.
  • AB 2303 (Holden) – creates a new special license plate that would direct new revenue to the Active Transportation Program for biking and walking projects; this bill is also up for a vote soon in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
  • AB 1982 (Bloom) – was the bill that didn’t make it to May. It would have added two new members to the California Transportation Commission, which controls many billions in transportation dollars, with environmental justice and public health expertise. Sadly, it was defeated in Assembly Transportation Committee.
We’re excited that most of our bills have advanced and still have a lot of work ahead to get them all passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor!


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