Thursday, May 26, 2016

APTA's Excellent Advocacy Resources

APTA’s advocacy program works in coordination with APTA’s policy research and communication outreach efforts. The RCA program (Research, Communications and Advocacy) is the driving force behind APTA’s current and on-going advocacy campaign, Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Growswhich is focused on addressing APTA’s authorization goals.
APTA coordinates several advocacy efforts:

Committee Rosters

Local Transit Coalition Grant Program

The program helps energize grassroots coalitions and their advocacy efforts to achieve state and local public transportation goals. Such activities could include a focus on improving transit service to increase ridership or activities supportive of national efforts to advance public transportation as part of climate change and or transportation legislation.

Invite Your Federal Representative to Your Organization

APTA encourages its members to invite their federal representative to tour their organization or system and show off firsthand the benefits of public-private partnerships in the public transportation industry. This video help you along the way with steps to take in inviting your representative, from the beginning of the tour to writing a follow-up letter, plus some dos and don'ts. And remember: If you ever need any advice or resources, contact us at 202-496-4800.

Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows Campaign

Where Public Transportation Goes Community Grows
On March 10th, APTA launched the branding of a new national outreach campaign. The “Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows” campaign will help members accentuate the role they serve in building and supporting their community. This has been a member effort led by APTA's Marketing and Communications and Legislative committees to effectively brand public transportation in today’s realities. This repositioning effort features new, proven ways to communicate about Public Transportation.

National Alliance for Public Transportation Advocates (NAPTA)

NAPTA: Public Transportation Advocates in Action
NAPTA is a national grassroots advocacy organization supporting transit and community groups that advocate increased investment in public transportation. NAPTA is the grassroots voice for coalitions and individuals alike. To stay up-to-date on important issues facing public transportation, become a NAPTA member today.

Center for Transportation Excellence (CFTE)

CFTE is a non-partisan policy research center created to serve the needs of communities and transportation organizations nationwide. CFTE serves as the premier source of information on transit ballot initiatives and the campaigns that help achieve success.


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