Sunday, May 15, 2016

AASHTO Journal: FTA Taking Grant Proposals for ‘Mobility on Demand’ Projects to Boost Transit Efficiency

The Federal Transit Administration is taking applications through July 5 from state departments of transportation, transit agencies and others for funding out of an $8 million grant pool of "projects that demonstrate innovative approaches to mobility issues in public transportation."
The FTA is calling the program its "Mobility on Demand Sandbox," and said it will support research and technology deployments that improve public transportation efficiency and effectiveness, while enhancing safety and connectivity in America's transportation system.
It said the type of projects that MOD Sandbox will support could include smartphone apps, innovative fare payment and finance mechanisms, connected vehicles and infrastructure, shared-use and on-demand services and a broad range of other mobility solutions.
"Innovation is driving our world forward, and we want public transportation providers to seize opportunities to embrace new ideas and solutions," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. "Technology is a powerful tool for bringing people together like never before – to connect communities in ways that build and increase opportunity."
This program, the FTA said, is part of a larger mobility-on-demand federal research effort to support transit agencies and communities as they assist personal mobility. Such projects, it said, "help make transportation systems more integrated, automated, and accessible, while offering better connections to both existing and future infrastructure and public and private transportation options."


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