Thursday, May 19, 2016

AASHTO Journal: DOT Execs to Share “Next Generation ITS”

Executives from 11 state departments of transportation who decide on deploying intelligent transportation systems will participate in a "DOT Roundtable" June 12 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Calif.
That roundtable is part of the ITS America 2016 conference June 12-16. The state DOTs event is co-hosted by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Ananth Prasad, a senior vice president at engineering firm HNTB and former Florida DOT secretary, will moderate the discussion.
capitol040116.jpgMore information, including the full conference schedule, is available here.
The state leaders participating in the DOT panel include both agency CEOs and senior officials heading their ITS initiatives, which can range from sensors embedded in roads or bridges to automatically report on infrastructure conditions, to elaborate vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communications systems that help control traffic flow and avoid crashes.
The state officials will discuss their experiences – including successes, failures and lessons learned – in launching ITS projects and trying to prepare their state infrastructure to support future mobility demands.
"These discussions among stakeholders are critical in order for us to advance transportation," said Prasad. "Sharing lessons learned allows us to learn from each other and continue to develop technologies for more safe and efficient travel."
Regina Hopper, president of ITS America, said: "State DOTs are on the front lines of simultaneously providing safe and efficient transportation networks through building and maintaining their state's traditional infrastructure while planning to meet the challenge of future smart mobility through intelligent transportation systems."
As of the May 5 news release date, this was the lineup of participating state officials:
--Jim Barna, Ohio DOT;
--Kevin Beisty, Arizona DOT;
--Shailen Bhatt, Colorado DOT;
--Carlos Braceras, Utah DOT;
--Malcolm Dougherty, California DOT;
--Matthew Garrett, Oregon DOT;
--Bill Kingsland, New Jersey DOT;
--Roger Millar, Washington State DOT;
--Charles Remekes, New Mexico DOT;
--John Schroer, Tennessee DOT; and
--Kirk Steudle, Michigan DOT.


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